About My Writing:

   My books started out being mainly in the "Paranormal Romance" genre for young adults. I've loved that specific type of book since I first read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. That was just a starting point to many other authors and types of paranormal fiction I've come to love over the years. As I grow in my writing I still aim to write paranormal romance, for both YA and NA (new adult) audiences as well as branching off into the urban fantasy and high fantasy genres. 

I try to write characters that are normal, believable people with a unique sense of humor. I like characters that aren't necessarily society's idea of "perfect".  I wanted to make characters that were more real. I want my potential readers to see that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I want them, especially the girls, to realize that whatever you look like, whether you’re chubby or skinny, dark haired or blonde, popular or the school outcast, that everyone deserves to be loved. And that if you look hard enough, there’s someone out there waiting just for you.

My first book "The Haunting Love" centers mainly around ghosts while my second book "Finding Elizabeth" takes on Reincarnation and Witches / Wicca. The Eternals Trilogy (Out of Darkness, Into the Light, and Through the Fog) introduces a brand new cast of characters with all sorts of paranormal abilities. To read more about each respective book please click the links for their pages to the right...

Home to all things 'The Haunting Love': The Official The Haunting Love Book Trailer, Cover Art, Blurb, and Buy Links. 'The Haunting Love' is available now in ebook and paperback!

Your headquarters for all things 'Finding Elizabeth': The Official Finding Elizabeth Book Trailer, Blurb, Cover Art, An exciting Teaser, The Finding Elizabeth Playlist, A Link to the Exclusive Online Deleted Scene, and Buy Links. 

All you need to know about the Eternals Trilogy: Out of Darkness (available now), Into the Light (available now), Through the Fog (Coming Summer 2017), and Eternal Fire: An Eternals Novelette (Coming Summer 2017)